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Romano x Depressed!Reader - Don't Lie (Commission)
I stare outside of the window, looking at the night sky as I try to spot a few stars. I hold a cup of soda as loud music mixed with random conversations go on behind me.
"How is this supposed to help me, again?" I ask, turning to my friend Alfred, who's munching on a burger. He laughs, saying,
"Parties help everything!" Well, got to admire his spirit. It doesn't really help me, though.
"No offense, Alfie, but it's not working for me. . ." I say, honestly to him. I see his smile falter a bit, as if sure he could help me, but then says,
"Alright dudette. Hey, if you want, you don't have to stay. I know parties aren't your thing, but I wanted to try, you know?" I give a small smile, nodding.
"I know, Alfie. Thank you." Walking outside, I sigh. I look down at the sidewalk, and mumble, "Lonely, but not alone. . . Story of my life, right there." I have so many friends, but only a few actually try to cheer me up. One of them being Alfred. I just feel so lonely though,
:iconpokemon275:pokemon275 249 113
Kind of different, but still the same :iconmissfreakyluce:MissFreakyLuce 231 41 Team Free Will Genderbend (commission) :icondeerazeen:DeerAzeen 407 21 SPN COSPLAY- HE'S NEW :icondeerazeen:DeerAzeen 132 58 Salt Circle Sleepover: Supernatural :icontematime:TemaTime 332 27 Fall Down Upon the Ground :iconadmantius:Admantius 670 93 SPN - Fall :iconspaceparked:SpaceParked 37 1 SPN: Betrayal :iconkanyan:Kanyan 279 63 SPN: Lake :iconkanyan:Kanyan 129 25
Timeout (WinchestersxReader)
Summary: After Bobby gets annoyed with you and the boys he decides to punish you like kids.
“What? A shifter? A vampire? You’re gonna have to speak up,” Bobby said into the phone. “Will you knuckle heads quiet down in there!” he yelled into the living room. You, Sam and Dean were originally playing cards but ,after several snide remarks from you, the game was forgotten and you were currently being pinned down by Sam while Dean tickled your ribs. The sounds of the Winchester’s laughter and your pleads for mercy filled the house and Bobby wasn’t able to hear anything the hunter on the phone was telling him.
“It’s a rugaru? Just grab a blowtorch and barbeque the bastard and you’ll be good. Yeah….yeah… no problem good luck,” Bobby said hanging up the phone. “HEY!” he yelled, causing the brothers to stop and look back at him. “Some of us are trying to run a hunter intelligence cente
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 733 144
Angel Impersonation(Team Free WillxReader)
Summary: You find a trenchcoat among the boxes in the bunker.
It was another day of searching through the many rooms of the bunker. Today’s room of choice was one that was dedicated to clothes for various disguises and alias’, along with the occasional box of casual clothing.
“Why did they need so many ties?” Sam questioned. “This is literally the third box I’ve found stuffed with them."
“I don’t know but I must say, I sure do admire their collection of sunglasses,” Dean replied as he slipped on a pair of reflective aviators.
“Hey, hey guys look,” you said as you pulled on a trench coat that was very similar to a certain angel’s. “I’m an angel of the lord,” you said with a lowered voice.
“No thanks (y/n),” Dean said. “One angel is enough to deal with.”
“But Dean,” you said, still trying to sound like Cas, “I’m the one that gripped you t
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 880 285
Charlie Bradbury Cosplay (Supernatural) :iconannapandorica:AnnaPandorica 27 8 Fem!Leviathan!Castiel Cosplay (Supernatural) 2 :iconannapandorica:AnnaPandorica 71 8
(Sam x sister! Reader) I am a monster.
(Sam x sister! Reader) I am a monster.
Sequel to "Never Again"

  Sam had caught up with Ruby after the big fight that him and his brother had in the motel room. He covered up any wounds he had gotten from the fight and bandaged them up with a tear from his shirt. Sam didn't want to leave his siblings behind. He loved his brother and sister, but he just could be near them right now. Not after what he did.
    He felt like he just wanted to die for what he did. He hurt his only sister while she was just trying to get him and his brother to stop fighting. What the hell was he thinking!?  He couldn’t get her reaction out of his mind. The look of fear and panic that she gave him was more horrifying than anything seen in his life. After he left, he felt nothing but guilt for what he had done. He didn’t mean what he did to (Name). He was just so angry, that he would have harmed anyone that got in the
:iconaubageddon91:Aubageddon91 48 23
Raindrops (Castiel x Reader)
A/N: Reader's gender not specified.
The rain was falling softly through the trees. Some of the glistening drops shattered on the low-hanging  branches and leaves that spread out above your head, creating a natural canopy that hid most of the grey, cloudy sky.
You turned the (e/c) eyes of your vessel upwards, watching the decent of the tiny water particles in fascination. The way they were unable to defy gravity's pull intrigued you, and the scent of the rain was heavy in the air. You found it to be very calming in a way that nothing had for a long while. Air wasn't really necessary, due to the fact that you were a celestial being, but you liked smelling all that the earth had to offer. It was so different from Heaven.
One of the tear-shaped drops managed to navigate a path between its obstacles and land in the (h/c) hair that  now adorned your head. Startled, you raised a hand up and felt your scalp, not particularly liking the feeling of the cold water tracing a path
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 84 21
Towards the light :iconfirebolide:firebolide 1,544 204



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