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Disneyland / step by step gif by maxasabin Disneyland / step by step gif :iconmaxasabin:maxasabin 149 7 Disneyland by maxasabin Disneyland :iconmaxasabin:maxasabin 661 50
She's Mine (Norway x Reader)
    " can't tell me what to do...she's mine first."
    The tension rose between the two boys. 
    For a moment, the second boy's expressionless face broke.  "That's right.  Everyone knows that.  But let me tell you this, I—."
    The party was similar to a JS prom but what made it different was that the whole student body was required to go.  The lights were dimmed to a certain extent and different colored lights were dancing around the room.  There were different kinds of music that were played.  A little bit of jazz here and classical there.   Some party songs meant for real parties and some romantic songs for couples.  Any genre you could think of was playing.  This was the kind of school events that most students loved—except for a few.
    Lukas was one of
:iconviolethaze07:violethaze07 353 75
It was a Mistake (Norway x Reader)
    (A/N: Warning)
    This is a sequel to ‘She’s Mine (Norway x Reader)’.  You have three options:
    1.      Read this story without going through the first one.
    2.      Read the first story here: [She's Mine (Norway x Reader)] and then read this; or
    3.      Don’t read this if you think the first story’s already good enough and you want some suspense and imagination.
I leave it to your decision.  Thank you.
Those in Italics refer to flashbacks from different times so it’s going to get a bit confusing.
The normal font words are referring to the present, after what happened in the first story.
Ah, yes, another warning: some OOC characteristics
:iconviolethaze07:violethaze07 249 145
Exchange Experience ~Norway x Reader~

~Exchange Experience~
“I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions.
I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”
-Oscar Wilde, The Portrait of Dorian Gray
         “Hello, I believe you must be [Y/N] from the exchange program. I am Lukas Bondevik.” A tall blonde guy was sitting before your eyes, starring at you blankly. He had gorgeous ice-blue eyes, which were probably reflecting over your reactions. He was dressed elegantly, with a light aqua shirt, a navy blue jacket over it and a black ribbon tied nicely. His pants were perfectly ironed and his shoes recently polished. He was extremely handsome and his serious look made you believe that there was a really protective and wise person underneath.
         “Pleased to meet you, Lukas. And welcome to [country name]. I hope you’d be enjoying your stay.” You tried sounding as polite as you
:iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 254 115
America x Silent!Reader - New Student At My School
   You knew everyone was talking about it, a new student was coming to the school. No one cared to tell you, you actually didn't care at all. You looked out the window and listened to Breaking Benjamin. You felt alone at your school since everyone that liked you graduated that year before. Hishschool seemed like hell to you, you didn't expect someone to save you but that was going to change after today.
    "Students! We have a new student, please introduce yourself young man." The teacher said, you put your iPod away and looked up at the man. The boy walked in and you started to blush, this has never happened to you ever! All the girls squeeled; as expected, the boy walked the the front of the class.
    "Hey yo! The names Alfred F. Jones and I will be joining your class from now on!" He said making a gun with his hands, he got his fan club after that. You looked back at the window to look at the beautiful blue sky, you smiled to
:iconmystickyuubi24:MysticKyuubi24 282 252
Romano x Depressed!Reader - Don't Lie (Commission)
I stare outside of the window, looking at the night sky as I try to spot a few stars. I hold a cup of soda as loud music mixed with random conversations go on behind me.
"How is this supposed to help me, again?" I ask, turning to my friend Alfred, who's munching on a burger. He laughs, saying,
"Parties help everything!" Well, got to admire his spirit. It doesn't really help me, though.
"No offense, Alfie, but it's not working for me. . ." I say, honestly to him. I see his smile falter a bit, as if sure he could help me, but then says,
"Alright dudette. Hey, if you want, you don't have to stay. I know parties aren't your thing, but I wanted to try, you know?" I give a small smile, nodding.
"I know, Alfie. Thank you." Walking outside, I sigh. I look down at the sidewalk, and mumble, "Lonely, but not alone. . . Story of my life, right there." I have so many friends, but only a few actually try to cheer me up. One of them being Alfred. I just feel so lonely though,
:iconpokemon275:pokemon275 249 113
Kind of different, but still the same by MissFreakyLuce Kind of different, but still the same :iconmissfreakyluce:MissFreakyLuce 233 41 Team Free Will Genderbend (commission) by DeerAzeen Team Free Will Genderbend (commission) :icondeerazeen:DeerAzeen 408 21 SPN COSPLAY- HE'S NEW by DeerAzeen SPN COSPLAY- HE'S NEW :icondeerazeen:DeerAzeen 130 58 Salt Circle Sleepover: Supernatural by TemaTime Salt Circle Sleepover: Supernatural :icontematime:TemaTime 329 27 Fall Down Upon the Ground by Admantius Fall Down Upon the Ground :iconadmantius:Admantius 669 93 SPN - Fall by SpaceParked SPN - Fall :iconspaceparked:SpaceParked 37 1 SPN: Betrayal by Kanyan SPN: Betrayal :iconkanyan:Kanyan 275 63 SPN: Lake by Kanyan SPN: Lake :iconkanyan:Kanyan 128 25
Timeout (WinchestersxReader)
Summary: After Bobby gets annoyed with you and the boys he decides to punish you like kids.
“What? A shifter? A vampire? You’re gonna have to speak up,” Bobby said into the phone. “Will you knuckle heads quiet down in there!” he yelled into the living room. You, Sam and Dean were originally playing cards but ,after several snide remarks from you, the game was forgotten and you were currently being pinned down by Sam while Dean tickled your ribs. The sounds of the Winchester’s laughter and your pleads for mercy filled the house and Bobby wasn’t able to hear anything the hunter on the phone was telling him.
“It’s a rugaru? Just grab a blowtorch and barbeque the bastard and you’ll be good. Yeah….yeah… no problem good luck,” Bobby said hanging up the phone. “HEY!” he yelled, causing the brothers to stop and look back at him. “Some of us are trying to run a hunter intelligence cente
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 744 144



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